April 01, 2023




Why ElderHelp Exists by John Corcoran
Board of Directors

John Corcoran is a full service real-estate professional.  He is also the President and Founder of Elder Help. Raised in a Southern California, where he became a Plumbing Contractor., John moved here in 1993. He found a need to serve the Honduran people while in Honduras on a Church Building Mission-Construction project.  The kids had NO shoes.  He felt it was his responsibility to make a difference for these kids!  Upon his return he started a shoe drive that he named "Zapatos", translated it means "shoes".  He had collected, cleaned and paired up and boxed over 50,000 pairs of shoes with the HELP of Lake City Community Church members.  In the end, the cost to ship them was well over the value of the shoes.  Approximately 2000 shoes were shipped to Honduras with a medical team to be given away to the kids.  The balance was given away to people here in need!

In 1995 John had worked with the Coeur d Alene Association of Realtors who had started a project called "ElderHelp". They fixed homes and painted homes for seniors. John was tagged to do any of the Plumbing issues that came up.  Only a few weeks later, he got the call to fix a water heater.  The heater had not worked in 2 + years, when the home owner was asked- why?  She told him that she is living on $225.00 a month SSDI and she HAD to live without hot water!  That day was LIFE CHANGING for John.

Fast Forwards 10 years to 2005... John's wife, Karen is the President of the Coeur d Alene Association of Realtors. She asked John if he wanted to start up the Elder Help project that had touched his heart 10 years previously.  He said YES and the rest is history.

ElderHelp currently serves close to 350 seniors in some way or fashion.  The things we do as our normal daily operation, only we do.  Things like 350 Cords of firewood cut split and delivered for Free to seniors; Handicap Ramps are never a problem- we do them routinely; Home Repairs - we provide free home repairs for seniors who own their own homes but don’t have the income to maintain them- we’ve got them covered.

John was awarded  the 2010 Coeur d’Alene Realtor of the Year, by his peers for the community and professional contributions that he made during the year. In 2010 and 2011, John was recognized by the State of Idaho for his contributions to seniors of the area through a 501(c) (3) Charity, ElderHelp of North Idaho, founded by him in 2007. John is known as the guy who knows everyone in town as a friend, knows all the best places and companies, and where to find any just about anything your looking for…The one man local Chamber Of Commerce. HE’S WAITING TO SERVE YOU, TOO!

Sally Richards, Licensed Social Worker and varied background with seniors, volunteer for Post Falls Senior Center Meals on Wheels Program & member of CareNet.

I have been part of EH since '06 after moving here and seeing an article in the Press about the EH Food Drive.  I began volunteering and became hooked.  I have helped in all capacities and have been a Board member since '08.  I remain very passionate about this organization due to its grassroots nature of assisting seniors who need a hand up to remain independent with dignity.  The growth this organization has seen is gratifying and being a part of this wonderful team of devoted leaders and volunteers is a constant reminder of the goodness of our community.   

Vince Vargas has a successful home inspection business in Hayden, Idaho. He originally started with ElderHelp for public relations purposes but now in his own words, he's addicted. He loves being able to help others and knows that "there but for the grace of God go I." He knows how important it is to help those who may not have as much as you do and the joy of giving to the community.

 Kathy was born and raised in Coeur d'Alene. She has been in the insurance industry for 25 years. Kathy raised her family and now has more time for community involvement She has senior parents of my own and she knows, as they are getting older, there are many things that they can no longer do for themselves.  They are lucky enough to have family here to help.  There are so many seniors in our community that have needs which either they can no longer do for themselves or cannot afford to have done and no family to help.

 Kathy was approached about joining the board in February 2012 and thought what a great opportunity to be of service for those in our community that need a little help.  We help seniors whose needs fall thru the cracks of the services provided by the state and federal agencies. Elderhelp has assisted so many seniors in our community, with things such as wheel chair ramps, firewood for heat, weatherization, small home repairs, yard work, and provided senior companionship.


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